the story behind the concept

our story

AGORA arises from ideas and schooling between family, friends and traveling. It’s a family business that involves a lot of passion for hospitality and people, thus AGORA was created to make people feel at home
Cosy corner where our artists play live music every weekend. And tiny library where you can swap one book for another

Mariana, 30 years old, loves food, wine and people. And loves to bring people together at the same table, since little kid. Combining all these factors  and providing funny moments in her own venue has always been a dream.

Gonçalo, 28 years old, a visionary and always ready to start a new challenge. Had his first bar at the age of 20, and has been busy building his own career since then. Ardent about life and flying, he is also a pilot in spare time.

Ana, strong and independent woman. Passionate about decor and living for others, always worked in hospitality, with her own venue in Lagos over 20 years. And thus, she decorated almost every corner at AGORA.

Charming experience, AGORA is now a welcoming and lively space, focused on providing good energy and food prepared with a lot of passion. Aspiring to be one of the most vivid places in Lisbon.

Antonio, our impressive Chef, is 29 years old. Young, funny and full of amazing ideas for recipes. Passionate about cooking and zero waste practices, he couldn’t be more ready to embrace this project with us. Since day one, Antonio believes in this project as much as we do, and together we will learn a lot!He cares about the product first place, and so the flavours of each ingredient are the biggest highlight of our menu
António Pimpão, Chef of Agora

Our rules

Come in a good mood, and ready to laugh with us
Come ready to taste irreverent combinations
Come with a lot of empathy for everyone. Don't be silly!
Come with curiosities about our products, we are here to clarify, also learn together
Come to savour the moment and live an experience


Come in to Eat irreverent combinations and tasty flavours, to Drink natural wines from small producers and cheeky cocktails. And, to Live a glamorous moment!

Agora symbol in white